Samstag, 27. März 2010

1 year of Coconut-Vibrations

Approximately one year after I started the Coconuts project we are back with the original Lineup as our globetrotter-bassist Vera is back in Berlin.
It feels really good to have her back and our sound is getting very close to where i want it to be.

We will celebrate 1 year of Valeron & the Coconuts on the 24th of April at Beakers in Prenlauer Berg.

Then we're planning to play some acoustic sets in parcs and other outdoors locations and organize our own events. Right now i'm looking for an acoustic bass in order to be independent from amps.
Watch out!

Montag, 15. März 2010

Vernissage at West Berlin Gallery 06.03.2010

The Vernissage for my Foto-Exhibition "Cuba - The Sunny Side of Socialism?" at West Berlin Gallery was wonderful!
I spent an excellent evening with family and friends. Received a lot of positive feedback for the photos and even sold one off the wall to a Hollywood producer.
The Coconuts-gig went fine and I am very happy that our former bass-player Vera has decided to play again with us.

The exhibition is still on another week (until the 21st of march)!