Montag, 21. März 2011

London II - Modern Architecture

As promised some photos of pretty buildings i discovered in London.

Sampson House in Hopton Street built 1976-79 by Fitzroy Robinson & Partners (now Aukett Fitzroy Robinson)

London College of Fashion in John Prince's/Oxford Street

 Centre Point 101-103 New Oxford Street built by Richard Seifert from 1963 to 1966

Samstag, 19. März 2011


I'm back from London and will start blogging regularly about my musical and photographic activities, but also about what inspires me and i will also be sharing some songs i've been working on over the past months, so stay tuned!

I went to London with my Band Jules Etienne as we got invited by Howard and Lucy from "The Local" to play at the the "Slaughtered Lamb".
We played a really good show, drank some pints and i enjoyed walking around this dynamic city. It felt good to see so many colored people, old majestic buildings and well-dressed ladies and gents. To feel traditional british flavour and the energy and high pace of London town. Had a great time - and glad to be back in Berlin!
Here are some impressions, more architecture photos will follow soon.

Jules Etienne and his guitar on the way to the gig
James Ashby & Sons Ltd.
Mist I

Red door and exotic tree

Central St Martin

In the Backyard


Jules Etienne and Sherlock H.

British Car


No Passport (but that's another story and i don't want to talk about it)

Mist II

Stars of CCTV