Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Debut-CD "Horizons Nouveaux" out now!

The Debut-CD by Valeron & the Coconuts is finally available on CD !

It's wrapped in a nice digipack with a drawing by french designer JessX, and as you can see the retro-feeling is emphasized by a vinyl-look.

It contains 12 fantastic songs with a lot of hits such as Garlic in the Pocket, ChatLala and Zanzibar, all songs played and recorded by myself and Jules Etienne at KottKott-Studio Berlin. Finest Beach-Flavoured PopMusique spiced up with proper drums, organs, trumpet, violin..

We will be selling them mainly at the concerts (10 EUR), the next shows coming up are on
march 03 - Kaffee Burger
march 06 - West Berlin Gallery CD-Release-Party, Concert and Vernissage

My Photo-Exhibition has been moved by one month and i'm now preparing the first highlight of 2010, i'm very excited about it, hope to see a lot of people around, proper invitation and more infos soon.

If you'd like to purchase the CD and can't wait til march, mail me, i'll gladly send you one (+2.- portage).

Note that for the time being it's limited to 100 copies.


Jules Valeron

Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Photos for sale on

Some of my photographs have been accepted by renowned photo-site ""and i am very delighted about that because they have a really high standard and the photos are really affordable, starting at 12.-. Check it out!